Alone with your child or children for the first time, since  your separation?

We have ideas and solutions for dads.

We undertake for you weekends in Attica with the promise that they will never be the same again.

We were here in order to build a strong bond with your child.

No more stress on a question “what are we going to do at the weekend”.

Our experienced team provides you suggestions according the age and interests of your child.

On the other hand we organize for you the perfect journey outside the walls of the capital city.

Our experienced team in collaboration with the best in children’s entertainment and care,

have prepare thematic journeys following Greek Mythology’s footsteps.

Our little friends will get to know the places and the history of the mythical heroes.

They will walk on the same soils, taste the same pure flavors, chat with heroes

and mythical monsters.

Let Greek Mythology open the door to a new magical world

exciting children’s imagination.

Through the weaknesses and ingenuity of the heroes children can learn that anything is possible.

Through the exciting journey of imagination, lead your child to the conclusion that every obstacle can be overcome using the abilities and perceptiveness, which alas, we all have!

Alternatively, take a three-day cruise by boat or sailing boat, stay in Indian tents, tour by caravan.

Horseback riding or kayaking on emerald rivers.

Let nature unite you.

We are here to help you build a secure and trusty bond with your child.

Indulge in our experience for a journey that will be unforgettable!

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Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling

Margaret Lee Runbeck